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Industry Leader

Medicalpros (a division of Provisional Services, Inc.) has been a leader in the specialized healthcare staffing industry since 1994 and has placed thousands of talented healthcare individuals in great Inland Northwest clinics, hospitals and facilities. If you're looking for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career, consider Medicalpros. As an industry leader, we have the tools to help you succeed. If you have the desire and the determination to reach your professional goals, you may qualify!  Call a Recruiting Manager to schedule an interview.


Excellent Earning Potential

At Medicalpros, your earnings will directly reflect your performance. Income is based on a competitive salary, plus incentive programs.  A competitive benefit package is also included.

Career Satisfaction

The Recruiting & Staffing Industry is a dynamic and exciting career choice! In addition to financial rewards, you'll enjoy the satisfaction that comes with helping others achieve their career goals.  If you enjoy working with people, coupled with an interest in marketing and human resources, we are confident you will enjoy the Recruiting & Staffing Industry.

Advancement Opportunities

At Medicalpros, promotions are based on merit, rather than tenure. Our recruiting training program has enabled us to develop the most successful and highly compensated recruiting team in the industry. Recruiting training is available within the first two years.

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